I am a qualified Transformative Life Coach with a special interest in love and intimacy.

It is my belief that our greatest challenges lead to our biggest triumphs. Anxiety, anger, listlessness and depression are all signs that a change needs to be made. My purpose is to help you figure that out. To overcome it, grow and flourish and move forward with confidence and vitality.

I have a particular interest in intimate relationships because it is one of the biggest opportunities for personal growth: when we tire of the same old pattern we are compelled to shift.

I know from experience this is possible. We have the power to transform and I work with those looking to heal and effect deep change.

I am a qualified Transformative Life Coach with a special interest in love and intimacy.

I incorporate powerful remedial mechanisms in our work together, including meditation, visualization and breath-work, as we discuss:

  • 01Anxiety and Phobia
  • 02Sadness and Low Mood
  • 03Unhappy Personal Relationships
  • 04Communication and Finding Your Voice
  • 05Intuition and Trusting Yourself
  • 06Confidence vs. Control
  • 07Intergenerational Wounding
  • 08Boundaries and Core Values
  • 09Strength and Vulnerability
  • 10Compassion and Power
  • 11Self Love and Self Care
  • 12Selflessness and Selfishness
  • 13Attraction and Attachment
  • 14Consent and Sensuality
  • 15Co-dependence and Interdependence
  • "Dalya is a really outstanding coach - warm, insightful and intelligent. She's very easy to be around and has a great deal of empathy but is challenging when needed."

    — Kate
  • "Having done a lot of work on myself and my relationships, I was resolved that not everything was meant to be fully understood, but Dalya was able to get right to the root of unresolved issues with accurate analysis and practical guidance."

    — Nadia
  • "My sessions with Dalya gave insight into factors which were pivotal to understanding and working through a serious break up, I don’t know what I would have done without her.”

    — Guy
  • "Dalya's words of wisdom gave me clarity around several issues I was grappling with, and she has set me on a trajectory which has reinvented several aspects of my life. I cannot recommend her enough."

    — Lucy