About Dalya Heron Brook

About Me

I know just how destructive it is to watch yourself making the same mistakes over and over again. To think you should be happy but be unable to find joy or connection. To have everything and feel empty.  

First of all, you are not alone. I was in your shoes. Working in a high pressure corporate job, living a glamorous life, quietly battling insomnia and anxiety, stomach ulcers and panic attacks.

Everything was grey, I was in pain and on top of the malaise I had a heavy guilt for feeling like this. Nothing was wrong, why was I so unhappy? I reached a crisis point. Burn out and the death of a mentor pushed me over the edge. 

It was a pivotal moment. I reevaluated everything. 

I threw myself into discovering what I was missing. For more than ten years I travelled the world seeking wisdom. I trained with some of the greatest masters.  

I began a relationship with my body, heart and soul. Areas I had ignored. I shifted the anxiety, panic attacks and depression. I shifted block after block to my happiness and I found joy. 

I discovered you cannot ignore any one of these three essential elements: Behavioural, Emotional and Spiritual. You are complex. You are all these things. So I integrated them. 

This is the secret of going from pain to joy, from fear to love, from empty to everything.

You don’t have to exit your life to find your joy because I bring my lessons to you with confidence and love, knowing they are indeed Transformative. 

I share it all with you in a process that works.