Anxiety takes a huge toll on your life. It can make you afraid to get up, to go out, to speak up and to act. It can make it hard for you to manage relationships at work and at home. It can generate nausea and panic attacks. People don’t understand why you can’t just “get on” with things and their confusion escalates your own feelings of shame and frustration.

What's Included

In a single session we will talk through what’s coming up for you and engage in relevant therapeutic practices. Each session is built around three realms: the Behavioural, Emotional and Spritual, by the end of a single session you will feel calmer and more in control. By the end of six sessions you will have a firm grip on anxiety and know exactly how to deal with it if and when it ever comes up for you again. Anxiety appears in many different forms.


  • Fear of Letting People Down
  • Fear of Speaking Up
  • Fear of Change
  • Fear of Vulnerability
  • Fear of Loneliness
  • Fear of Being Seen
  • Fear of Fear
  • Fear of The Work Place
Anxiety Dalya Heron Brook