So many of us feel disconnected. We have been raised to ignore the wisdom of our body, to think not feel, to trust our rational minds over our instincts, to lead with our heads rather than our hearts. This disconnects us from our power, our emotions and our purpose and leads to many modern conditions including anxiety, confusion, depression, apathy and feelings of worthlessness.

What's Included

In a single session we will discuss how this is manifesting in your daily life and engage in relevant therapeutic practices. Each session is built around three realms: the Behavioural, Emotional and Spritual, by the end of a single session you will feel clearer and more connected. By the end of six sessions you will feel connected to your Self and your  intuition will flow naturally. By reconnecting to your intuition you.


  • Trust Yourself
  • Make Better Decisions
  • Find Clarity
  • Make Deeper Connections
  • Silence Negative Inner Talk
  • Know Who You Are
  • Feel Powerful and More Fully Alive
Intuition Dalya Heron Brook