Make Better Stories

We tell ourselves stories all the time and these stories direct our behavior, they dictate how we react to people, places and things. So if you are finding yourself constantly elucidating a bad story, that things won’t work out, that people will disappoint you, that life will kick you when you’re down: start making better stories. Yes ok, maybe it won’t work out, but maybe it will. Maybe someone will disappoint you, but maybe they won’t. Maybe life threw you a curve ball, so that you can find a better solution than the one you were aiming for. Every time you tell yourself a story you’re creating a future. Not in a weird esoteric woo woo way, in a very concrete way. When you expect someone to let you down, you unconsciously sow those seeds. You might test them. Or goad them. Or trick them and when you behave as though they will, invariably they will respond. So make better stories. You will feel happier and start creating a better reality. 

PS. On that, if someone is constantly letting you down, maybe it’s time to consider letting them go…

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