My Top Five Ethical Beauty Brands

Wild Sage

Wild Sage is a relatively new and also a family-run company so, because it is an expensive procedure to acquire organic certification, especially for a new and a small outfit, I am prepared to accept their word that their wonderful soaps are indeed cold-pressed. The soap doesn’t melt into nothing like commercially processed soaps do. In an effort to reduce my use of plastic containers, I particularly like their shampoo bar which lathers well and smells divine. As do their revolutionary candles in simple jam jars. The long-lasting scent throughout the life of the candle is wonderful and is based (on the word of Wild Sage) to be truly from the essential oil. I believe them.


Odylique products are reliable because they are Soil Association certified as organic, which requires that health and beauty products should be ethical, free from toxic ingredients and as organic as possible. Odylique does not use artificial fragrances, nanoparticles, hydrogenated oils, or parabens. Furthermore this commitment to organic ingredients means that no Genetically Modified Organisms are allowed which is worth trusting. I have been using their products since they started business in Suffolk when they were known as Essential Care, and I have remained loyal as I believe in their ethos.


Alkena skincare uses silk produced from biodynamically cultivated mulberry trees which is certified by the Swiss Institute for Market Ecology. Silk contains proteins similar to those contained in human skin which is why it is effective. Alkena’s superlative facial toner uses silk and rosewater and is completely free of synthetic products and neither its raw materials nor finished products has been tested on animals.


Weleda skincare products all carry the NaTrue or BDIH seal and are governed by Good Manufacturing Standard which is the pharmaceutical standard. Weleda never uses microbeads or mineral oil in its products. The arnica items they produce comes from the only bio-dynamically certified herb producer in Britain.

Buddha Beauty

Buddha Beauty is a family run business that produces vegan, organic and cruelty free beauty products that are hand made in Manchester. Their formulations are made by a really nice man called Lewellyn (whom I met once!) who is an aromatherapist and member of the Federation of Holistic Therapists and whose products include essential oils and are free of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Silicones Synthetic, Micro Beads and Gluten.

Martina Gebhardt

Martina Gebhardt I know this is a Top Five but I do need to shout out to Martina Gebhardt whose products are Demeter certified which guarantees that items have been produced using bio-dynamic methods, meaning without pesticides, herbicides, and only naturally derived fertilisers and the emulsifiers used in Martina Gebhardt products include wool-wax or pea starch. If packaging is a bit old school the products are truly excellent quality.

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