My Top Six (!) Ethical Vinegar Brands


Willy’s produces a raw, unpasteurised, apple cider vinegar, suitable for vegans, free from any gmo, made in Herefordshire from 48 varieties of apples grown in the orchards surrounding the farm, using a 300 year old ‘mother’ and rested in oak casks before being bottled in glass and sought out by me for its probiotic goodness.

Natural Umber

Natural Umber is owned by the Mackle family in County Tyrone, Ireland and produces a delicious apple cider vinegar which they named after its colour. It is raw, organic, unfiltered and contains the ‘mother.’ I find that it retains an apple taste and doesn’t need honey to make it palatable. In 2018, the Guild of Fine Food in London awarded Natural Umber a praiseworthy Three Stars.


Biona started out as Windmill Wholefoods in London and has expanded into supplying over 300 products, all of them organic. Biona’s apple cider vinegar is made from pressed organic apple juice fermented with its ‘mother’ and aged in wood barrels. It is raw, unfiltered, not heat-treated or pasteurised. Its cloudiness does not affect its benefits and it has 5% acidity. A genuinely good product. It offers many other vinegars also: white wine, red wine and balsamic.

Raw Vibrant Living

Raw Vibrant Living is a brand of Windmill Organics and concentrates on supplying many varieties of raw foods, including unpasteurised vinegar which, in my opinion, is equally as authentic and delicious as that offered by its mother company, Biona.

Living Earth

Living Earth is raw, unpasteurised, apple cider vinegar processed in Lewes, Sussex. It contains the mother and is made from organic apples. I am still looking for the organic certifying body and I wonder how old the mother is. Currently it is available only on Amazon or e-Bay which is a bit

Higher Nature

Higher Nature is a UK company which has been supplying nutritional supplements since 1994. Its products are ethically sourced with full traceability. Its website states that its apple cider vinegar is 100% organic, and naturally fermented and contains the ‘mother.’

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