Relationships are our Achilles heel, the place where we are most vulnerable. This is where we learn the most about ourselves and is why our partners are called our mirrors. It is through our interactions with others that we expand and evolve, coming up against the most emotional and fragile parts of ourselves, as well as the most courageous. 

What's Included

In a single session we will discuss how your relational capacity is impacting your daily life and engage in relevant therapeutic practices. Each session is built around three realms: the Behavioural, Emotional and Spiritual, by the end of a single session you will feel stronger and more powerful. By the end of six sessions you will have opened your heart, shifted your mindset around love and be infinitely better equipped for a healthy relationship. Our heart is vital and there are many reasons to work with it.


  • Healing a Broken Heart
  • Meeting Someone New
  • Frustrating Stuck Patterns
  • Releasing What’s Holding You Back
  • Expressing Yourself
  • Being More Selfish
  • Forming Better Habits
  • Loving Yourself
Relationships Dalya Heron Brook