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How It Works

Do you wake up feeling empty? Wondering why can’t connect? Why your relationships don’t work? Do you feel alone and misunderstood? Are you trapped, afraid of making decisions? Of taking a wrong step?

Do you feel guilt and shame just for being YOU? 

I know your pain. How bored you are of feeling this way. Desperate to change, knowing there is a better way but not knowing where to look.

I spent years looking for answers with unparalleled masters and I learnt that human beings operate not in the mind alone but in three realms: the body, the heart and the spirit. I call this Behavioural, Emotional and Subtle.In my program we work in ALL THREE AREAS to move from empty to everything.

We change the way you behave and interact, we shift your thoughts and feelings, we resolve old wounds and connect to your higher self. By doing this we change your life. 


BEHAVIOURAL – This is the external world, the present and the realm of the body. How you communicate, interact and react. This is the physical manifestation of your emotional and subtle states. We work with practical tools to ensure the internal shifts are manifesting in your life. 

EMOTIONAL – This is the internal world, the past and realm of the heart and mind. Feelings and thoughts. Here sit the blocks and mindset. We work with your subconscious and your memories to build new patterns and healthy processes using powerful therapeutic techniques.

SPIRITUAL – This is the higher world, the future and the subtle realm. Energy and karma. We clear energetic flow working with the chakra system and ancestral wounds. This delicate work connects you to your intuition and your inner truth. 

What's Included

We use Transformative Coaching as a framework along with practical tools and healing modalities. In a single session we will talk through your challenges and engage in therapeutic practices. Each session is built around three realms: the Behavioural, Emotional and Subtle. 

By The End of 6 Sessions

You will achieve noticeable results in whichever area you choose to concentrate. You will have let go of past trauma relating to the issues we identified and how they are showing up in your world. You will be equipped with practical tools to manage your day to day life. You will have shifted your mindset around any stuck patterns and beliefs and released blocks to your happiness. You will trust yourself, know yourself better and feel more positive, powerful and fulfilled. Single sessions are an hour long and £97 each. 


My methodology uses Transformative Coaching as a framework along with multiple healing and practical tools. In a single session we will talk through your challenges and engage in therapeutic practices. Each session is built around three realms: the Behavioural, Emotional and Subtle.

There may be some light at-home practice which is supportive but not essential.

Transformative Coaching is similar to life coaching in that it helps people better themselves and their lives. Life coaching focuses on goals whereas Transformative Coaching focuses on growth and expansion by highlighting your inner strength and power.

Both are talking therapy. The main difference between Transformative Coaching and counselling is that counselling looks backward, seeking to investigate the underlying causes whereas coaching works in the here and now. 

The BES methodology uses multiple techniques in addition to talking therapy, and works in three different realms. We work with your external world and the present in a practical way in the realm of Behaviour. We work with your internal world and the past through the heart and mind in the realm of Emotion. We work with your higher awareness and into the future through your energetic body in the Subtle realm. This unique tripartite program works holistically to make major changes, empower you and redefine your sense of self.

With my BES methodology you will see change after just one session, but of course the deepest transformation is over time. I recommend an initial block of 6 sessions, I will get to know you and YOU will get to know you. Ideally for those first six sessions we meet once every two weeks. Thereafter sessions can be spaced out for as long as you see benefit. Sessions last one hour.

I know it can be difficult to commit to six sessions without any experience of me or my practice, especially if you have not had much luck with coaches or therapists historically. I offer a free thirty minute discovery call and individual sessions.

My main interests lie in Relationships, the glue of our lives. Anxiety, which can appear in any context, and in empowerment through Intuition. The BES program can be applied to any area where you feel empty, see stubborn blocks or repeated patterns, from love to family to career to self esteem.

I graduated from a three year Transformative Coach Training with Making Lives Work. I have diplomas in Yoga with the Power Yoga Company and the London School of Yoga, Theta Healing with the Theta Healing Academy, Shamanic Healing with the Scandanavian Centre for Shamanic Studies and the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, Sound Healing with The Temple of Alchemies, Meditation with Tara Mandala and informal training with healers and teachers around the world. I also hold a Masters Degree in History of Art and Arabic specialising in Sufism, the mystical path of Islam, and its symbolism.

I work in person from my practise in South West London, online by Zoom or by telephone. If you cannot meet face to face Zoom or telephone is highly effective, being both a little anonymous and deeply personal.

We schedule a free thirty minute discovery call and arrange your first session accordingly.

I require 24hours notice for cancellation, otherwise the session is due in full. 

Yes. The work we do together is absolutely confidential.

Life Coaches are not medical professionals and do not take the place of Psychiatrists, GPs or any other doctor. Coaches do not prescribe medicine or pass judgement on health issues.