The Top Three Challenges of Change

01 Doubt

Growing into a new identity is destabilizing. As you let go of the unconscious assumptions that directed you, you can feel wobbly and insecure. Fear takes hold without the security of certainty, old patterns and fixed points. Ride it out. Remember that doubt is a fundamental part of the process: questioning yourself and what you are doing will only give you greater clarity and vision.

02 Isolation

Moving into a new phase can mean a major shift in your social life. This can feel cripplingly lonely. When you move on from a certain lifestyle you also let go of those associated with it, to one degree or another. Hold tight. This space in your social life is essential because it allows you to connect with new humans: people who embrace the things that are important to you now.

03 Discouragement

When there is so much going on in your head and nothing is changing around you it can be majorly discouraging. We want to see the evidence as soon as we feel it. You need to build the picture in your mind before you build it in the world and there will be vacuum in between. Don’t lose confidence. Remember: this is a process and your world is catching up with you.

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