Transformative Ritual

If you feel utterly broken, are unable to stop crying or get up, if you feel desolate and helpless, you may be called to a Transformative Ritual. The Transformative Coaching we do together brings you back from the edge and sets you up to create a life you love. Sometimes though you are at the edge itself, and immediate profound healing needs to be done. You will be held lovingly in a sacred space as we go through an auric cleansing and a healing journey together, at the end you will feel transformed, calm, soothed and grounded. A Transformative Ritual can be done for any area in your life that is causing deep pain.

What's Included

During the ritual we use a combination of sound and ancient healing techniques. We talk through your pain then open with a gentle ceremony. You will spend most of your session lying in a state of relaxation. To integrate the healing you may receive a light practise to continue at home. At the end of only one session you will feel better, lighter and more serene. Transformative Rituals are 2 hours long and £250.

  • Grief at a Break Up
  • Grief at a Divorce
  • Grief at the Loss of a Loved One
  • Grief at the Loss of a Baby
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Narcissistic Relationships
  • Processing Infidelity
  • Processing Sobriety
  • Heavy Depression
  • Acute Anxiety
Transformative Ritual Dalya Heron Brook